If your last name at birth was/is Facette, you married a Facette family or perhaps you carry the Facette name some other way, we are all related.

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We are making every attempt to be inclusive and accurate. This may be the largest undertaking of the Facette family tree ever attempted.

The Facette family, spelling may vary within historical context, has a 285 year history in Canada.

We come from Laval, Quebec then moved across Canada and the United States. Facette's spread in to Orléans ON, westward to Saskachewan and Alberta.

In fact we are founding family of Cumberland Township owning land as far back as 1860. Not long after that Facette's spread across Canada in to Saskatchewan and Alberta. 

The name also appears to have migrated in to the State of New York, Wisconsin and Oregon. Spelling appears to have changed to 'Fassett' in when a Olivier Facette (b.1863) went to Glen Falls, New York.

There is little doubt, Cumberland Township/Orleans is home to Facette's for over 100 years. 

The Beginning - 1734 (Boniface Francois Paquet Boniface Fasset)

Boniface Francois Paquet Boniface Fasset is the Facette patriarch.

Born 19 December 1734 in Montreal Quebec (New France) to unknown parents and baptised at Notre Dame church the same day he lived, until the age of four, as a ‘ward of the state’ under French law.

On 19 December 1738, according to the records of the Ministere des Affaires Culturelles – Achives ntionales du Quebec, Inventaire Des Greffes Des Notaires Due Regime Francais under the notary name of Francois Lepailleur, Boniface ceased to be a ‘ward of the state’ and legally adopted (greffes/transplanted) by Louis Paquet.

Boniface's records show Boniface's Godparents were a mid-wife (Catherine Campeau) and a priest (Simon Mongino).

Boniface went on to become a Voyageur and later a Captain in the Lower Canadian Military, District of Montreal and appears to have served in the war of 1812.

Boniface died 29 May 1814, the cause of his death is not known.

Two Marriages
  1. October 20, 1760 he married Marie-Victoire Monet Boismenu, they had 7 children. She died in 1771.
  2. February 3, 1772 he married Marie Josephe Gauthier, they had 12 children.
In his first marriage, it appears only one child used the surname 'Facette', he was Jean-Baptiste Boniface dit Facette Paquet.  A daughter, Marie Agnes appears to have used 'Fasset'.

This Facette family tree is largely, if not exclusively, built from his first marriage to Marie-Victoire Monet Boismenu. They had seven kids, from there the Facette family branches out.

In his second marriage, they all used 'Fasset'. Of the 14 children one boy appears to have lived on, that was Jean Baptiste Paquet Boniface Fasset, b. 1777 d. 1849 (age 74).

What does 'dit' mean?

dit name is essentially an alias, or alternate name, tacked on to a family name or surname. Dit (pronounced "dee") is a French form of the word dire, which means "to say," and in the case of dit names is translated loosely as "that is to say," or "called." Therefore, the first name is the family's original surname, passed down to them by an ancestor, while the "dit" name is the name the person/family is actually "called" or known as.

Dit names are found primarily in New France (French-Canada, Louisiana, etc.), France, and sometimes Scotland. They are used by families, not specific individuals, and are usually passed down to future generations, either in place of the original surname, or in addition to it. After several generations, many families eventually settled on one surname or the other, although it isn't uncommon to see some siblings within the same family using the original surname, while others carried on the dit name. The use of dit names slowed dramatically during the mid- to late-1800s, although they could still be found used by some families into the early twentieth century.


We have made every effort to be accurate. Information is drawn from the efforts of others and our own. We consider this to be an open source of information expecting new or improved information.

No claim here is made to be the "authority" and welcome new information.

We do need to thank the efforts of Dr. Krista Francis of the University of Calgary. Her research in to her own family history a few years ago has contributed significantly.

You can visit Dr. Francis's website at www.francis-poscente.ca.

We have also made use of Ancestry.ca and family members.

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*** Historical Facts

The Facette family tree is built on proven historical documentation, at the time of writing we have no evidence before 1734. A study of the history of Canada can lead one to speculate what may have been, we have chosen to build the family tree based on what know.

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